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Accident Management

Accident ManagementTo ensure effective Risk Management, in the event of a road traffic accident, involving cars or HGV's from our clients' fleets we understand that several actions need to happen simultaneously.

  • The health, safety, well-being and repatriation of the driver and any Third Parties need to be ensured,
  • the notification of incident and updates to interested parties,
  • the clearance of the road,
  • the recovery of the vehicle(s) to the most appropriate location,
  • the provision of replacement vehicle(s),
  • the transhipment of load,
  • the Third Party Claims Handling process – including the minimisation of Credit Hire, Credit Repair and Personal Injury claims through early intervention initiatives.
  • the engineering management of the repairs,
  • the use of most appropriate repairer,
  • the management of downtime,
  • the seamless integration with the client’s Fleet Department, broker/insurer
  • the vehicle disposal,
  • the control of costs at every stage
  • the protection of the client’s brand,
  • the speedy settlement of claims and recovery of monies and
  • the provision of crucial Management Information 

With VMS acting as your First Notification of Loss centre, and with the use of our Repair, Third Party Capture,  Uninsured Loss Recovery and Hire Teams – you can continue to run your fleet  operation. You can let us manage all aspect of any incidents for you; you never lose control, your brand is protected and you are secure in the knowledge that your costs are being prudently and expeditiously managed.

Accident Management