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Fleet Management

Why Outsource?

Fleet ManagementFleet Management by VMS enables our clients to improve their departmental efficiency, reduce their fleet operating costs, and provides their drivers with a single phone number for all their needs. This service allows the client to get on with the running of their core business. With the management of vehicle replacement, build programmes, vehicle disposal, tax discs, MOT’s, vehicle ‘O’ Licence checks, Driving Licence checks, and crucial management information when they need it; VMS really act as an outsourced Fleet Department.

Through our proactive maintenance programmes and 24/7/52 Customer Care Line, we take care of it all, making sure your downtime is minimal. With our consultative approach and independent nature, we objectively advise on the most suitable vehicles for your operation, the most cost effective whole life option and the smooth running of everything in between.    

Innovative Approach

As an independent operator, yet with relationships with all major entrants VMS are able to provide a flexible and innovative approach to fleet management. With over 20 years experience of commercial vehicle management, its no wonder that so many Blue Chip operators contract VMS to provide so many aspects of their fleet management.

So, whether you require full fleet management, vehicle maintenance, vehicle hire management, vehicle disposal, re-livery management, repair management or a national engineering inspection service, VMS can tailor a service to your specific needs.

Fleet Management