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Vehicle Disposal

VMS has developed their innovative approach to accident management and as such have developed one of the most successful salvage and de-fleet disposal services for their clients....

Vehicle DisposalWhether de-fleeting or downsizing your fleet, VMS Vehicle Disposal Team ensure you get the best for your vehicle. From vehicle preparation, to advice on best auction sites, to correct timing, we will assist you to maximise the return on your asset.
VMS manages a network of licenced salvage agents and remarketing operators. All members are EPA Approved sites and DVLA Compliant and have to pass strict criteria to gain entry and retain status.
These businesses compete on line via an On-Line Automated Bidding System; the VMS Secure Internet Auction System (VSIAS). The VSIAS provides a swift and cost effective process for both vendor and purchaser, resulting in selective purchasing for the buyer and higher returns for the seller.

The process continues to prove that returns from VSIAS are far higher for the disposal of salvage than those achieved from the traditional methods of fixed contract percentages.

Salvage Network

At VMS, we recognise that we have a responsibility to our clients when disposing of vehicles, our bespoke data processing system tracks all vehicles to ensure your corporate identity is protected and your duty of care is complied with.

From vehicle accident to settlement credit, you just need to make one phone call to us and we will manage the rest!

Vehicle Disposal