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Third Party Assistance

What is it? Why is it important?

Third Party CaptureAt some time, when one of your fleet vehicles is involved in an incident; the fault will lie with your driver; and therefore you will be liable for the reasonable costs incurred by the Third Party to reinstate their property to the pre-accident status.

The handling of the situation can cause enormous variances in the final bill. The settlement figure is generally increased dramatically by the involvement of Credit Hire, Credit Repair and Personal Injury Claim firms. These operations tend to get involved after the first 48 hours. 

Our role is to intervene, in line with current legislation; and negotiate a more realistic settlement which in turn brings the claim process to a speedier end resulting in quicker payout for the Third Party and client benefit.

The second benefit to our client is that to the injured party, the negativity of the incident occurring can be turned into a positive through how they are treated; resulting in a Win- Win. We take care of everything for them and badge it with the name of our client, protecting their brand and supporting their CSR initiatives.   

The third benefit is the collection, recording and provision of relevant and accurate data which can be invaluable Management Information for the Fleet Engineer and Insurance Department.

We seek to speak to the Third Party to offer our services of replacement vehicle, the collection, repair and delivery back of their vehicle and establish any other Heads of Claims.  Other established Heads of Claim will be passed through to our client’s preferred legal team at the very early stages for their actions.

Through our speedy involvement, empathy and offers of help, the Third Party generally sees the incident and our client in a more positive light. This is because they have been spared the trouble, hassle, expense and inconvenience of taking time off work, obtaining repair quotes, arranging repairs, finding a replacement vehicle, and having to wait for re-imbursement of their Insurance policy Excess. We achieve these benefits by early intervention with the Third Party - normally within 20 minutes of receiving their contact details and assessing liability of our client. Our success rate in this area is consistently over 90%.

By not proactively capturing the Third Party, fleets will almost certainly face protracted claims and higher claim values, adversely affecting their Claims History and thus an increase in their Renewal Premium.

Third Party Capture