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Uninsured Loss Recovery

Service Delivery

Once we understand your needs, we will agree your requirements and will work to a bespoke service level agreement and deliver our commitments.
We are very conscious that we will often be representing you and your company, so will work to protect and promote your own brand and reputation. You will have access to a team of over 30 legal specialists totally dedicated to corporate uninsured loss recovery, with an enviable reputation for a quality, bespoke service and flexible funding methods.

Cost Control

The importance of motor uninsured loss recovery  should never be overlooked. Performed effectively  and efficiently it can support your business through the recovery of your losses and help finance other insurance and business costs. We achieve this with a swift process; recovery rates consistently exceeding 93%, We believe it is exceptional because we will attempt any recovery on your behalf, even if there is only a slim chance of success
The cost to you can be eliminated or minimised through a “no win no fee” agreement or on a commission basis, both of which incentivise us to maximise your recovery in the shortest possible time.


We utilise the fact that this legal recovery service is able to prompt earlier payment of claims through the inherent strengths of our status. We are firm but fair not hesitating to issue civil proceedings to effect the recovery, with the same legal specialist acting for you both pre and post issue of proceedings.   We also work very closely with our clients and their other service partners to ensure that the entire process from first notification of loss to cashing the settlement cheque is as efficient as possible, ensuring the best overall service.

Uninsured Loss Recovery